Bike repair stands



I checked out the LBS and have found:
Park PCS-1 $145 US
Ultimate BRS 70 $125 US
Wrench Force $125 US

My observations:
Park - no vertical adjustment
Ultimate - much vertical but/and has tripod stand
Wrench Force - some vertical not tripod (cross between park/ultimate)

Regardless... With my Giant TCR2, I will always have to take the seat off and install a dummy seat post to do any maintenance. Most people including Giant say to hang by frame or carbon fiber seat post is not recommended.

Seat off everytime... a bit of a pain.

I am leaning towards Wrench Force.

Any last minute suggestions/advice welcome.
I have the Ultimate Pro. It rocks. I use it for my mountain bike all the time - I haven't used it for my Giant ocr1 yet.

Park makes three models - one has no vertical adjustment, one has fixed adjustment points and the most expensive is totally adjustable.

btw, I would NEVER hang my bike by the frame. too much of a possibility for damage!
I normaly just use my indoor trainer. It's not the best option but it's all I have.

With my older bike I used to hang it from a tree with a rope around the saddle. It's not very stable but allows you to work all around the bike and you can bring the bike to whatever height you want.
Hi Guys

Being handy with a welder I built my own car cycle
carrier. I also made a stand where the carrier fits in. It is at just the right height. I even service my tandem on this carrier/stand. The tandem sleeps permanently on this stand. Without tigthning the clamps I can do anything on it. I have removed the cranks, BB, service chains etc etc. I even wash my bikes on this stand. Works very well and is cheap. It might not have the versatality of a Park stand to swivel the bike but the bike is at eye level and you can work on the bike.

Keep those wheels spinning

Big H
I just purchased the Wrench Force stand...and, for the price of 150 at my LBS, find it to be very solid and well made. I don't think you'd be at all dissappointed. I was impressed right out of the box, and have put it to use on one of my three bikes almost daily. <br />I too install a spare seatpost to clamp on, and would never let the stand bite any part of the frame. Too much possibility of crushing the thin-wall tubing or damaging the finish.