Bike Self-Service


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Jan 31, 2002
Wondered if anyone can tell me where (or maybe how) I can service my bike myself. I really need to do this as I don't trust bike shops anymore. If there is someone who is willing to give me some tips, I would REALLY appreciate it.
Why don' you trust your LBS? You should watch your mechanics work on your bike if you feel that they are sabotaging and/or replacing some parts with inferioir ones.

As for DIY bike servicing, everyone says that Zinn's Art of Roadbike Maintenance is the best one to refer too, I don't have a copy of that one as it was quite difficult to find...even in Barnes and Noble. So I settled for Bicycling's maintenance book. I'd rather bring the bike to the LBS though....
Replacing bearings, spokes etc. I leave to the bike shop. These are jobs that will only frustrate you and could leave you stranded halfway into a race if not carried out properly.

Setting brakes and gears I do myself. These are jobs that need to be fine tuned as you go along, especially the gears. I find that bike shops set gears and then don't test them properly by riding the bike for a few km.

Is this for your Bianchi, ewep? I have posted some nice Campy service instructions elsewhere on the board.
Yes Vo2, it's for my Bianchi. You wouldn't by any chance know where you posted the manuals. My bike shop has tried and tried to set my gears, they've messed up my bike's wheels (2 spokes came loose after 2 training sessions and their words were: "It happens" :mad: ). At the moment I'm at wits end as my lowest gear is unusable (I've tried to set my own gears, but each time I mess it up), I'm scared of messing up my wheels and the people at the bike shop think I'm a a....le as I usually phone them (once a week) with problems that reoccur. Sometimes I wonder if I'm not doing something wrong ::)
My bike shop has tried and tried to set my gears, they've messed up my bike's wheels (2 spokes came loose after 2 training sessions and their words were: "It happens" ).
your bike shop sucks go to another one. you spend your money you should get service. the bike shop i got my mtb from did not know what they where on about (they did not ride bikes) so i whent to another one. much better. you sound like me (not naturally mechanically minded) but with a chat to a knowlegable person you will slowly pick things up.
Thanks Vo2, I GOT IT!. Nicolas, I know the feeling, but I'm gonna try. Then I've only got myself to blame!! ;)
Download the Service Instructions from the Campy site and follow them step by step. I can't remember if the Mirage gruppo is there, but you can use the Veloce instruction set. When I first got my bike I spent half-a-day fine tuning my gear selection. It's not difficult, you just need patience and time (choose a weekend)

However, the site I visit first if I have a problem is CampyOnly.

Check your PM's ;)
Confidence is the key - nowadays most bike bits have sealed bearings so the hard work is done for you.

Dismantle you wife's old bike or your training bike - once you've done it a few times your confidence is boosted and you don't mind doing a bit of 'explorative' surgery.

Get the right tools though - bicycle maintenance is a pain in the butt if you use inferior tools. Downloading exploded views of all your parts is a fine idea. Patience is needed though - especially when taking STi/Ergo levers apart. When it goes SPROING and bits fly everywhere you'll need that exploded view.
I once made the fatal mistake of doing some 'fine tuning' the night before a race.
Four hours later I was exhausted and had a freakin headache from all the stress! DON'T DO IT!
Unfortunately I am one of those fussy people. I was bitten too many times by my Local Bicycle Shop that I started buying tools from them and telling them that I intend to do the job myself. They replaced bottom bracket once with a inferior part replacing the Shimano one. I subsequently heard they claimed a Shimano BB from the supplier.!!!!!!!

A scource of info try and follow the topics in the menu. Very interesting. Look at swop or pawn shops for large size spanners(for headsets etc). A handy tip is to use your car bike carrier as a stand to work on your bike. I made a seperate stand that is just the right height. It works wonders if the bike is almost at eye level when you wash and clean the bike or adjust the brakes or the derailleur.
In the early days I also did some 'fine tuning' the night before - turned the limiting screw on the front derailleur in too far and rode 85km in my small chain ring.

What made it worse is that is was a 39T!
I do the basic stuff myself. I used to put an old wire coat hanger around my saddle and hook the bike up to a branch in a tree in my yard, this puts the bike at a nice level.

I now use my indoor trainer and put the bike on a table. Makes for very easy servicing.

Setting the gear is easy once you know how, and all it take is a little patience.
VO2 & Eldron. I can sympathise. ;D Been there! :'( Night before a big event is for giving your bike a gentle caress and a little talk about behaving well tomorrow AND NOTHING ELSE! ;D Everything must work right by the Tuesday at the latest! So by Saturday night you KNOW everything is as OK as it's gonna be so just relax and psych yourself up for the big day! ;)