Bike Shop changed original parts on Apollo Bike


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Mar 2, 2011
Hi All,

I purchased a 2008 model Apollo Ascent which is meant to have hydraulic disc brakes and a lockout lever on handle bar and a better gear system. (According to the 2008 website which is my model)

However, I recieved some Promax Disc Brakes (ABSOLUTE RUBBISH - Were alright in beginning - 2 months later = rubbish and hard to pull), and no lockout lever on forks. It has been completely taken off (RST GILA RL) .shimano gear system is similar.

Should I go back to the store and ask for the disc brakes to be fixed and a lockout lever on handle bar for free?

This is nonsence because the brakes a very bad (hard to pull and nothing like my friends hydraulics).

Would it be okay because it has been 2 years since I got the bike.



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Dec 23, 2006
You've had the bike for 2 years and you only now want to voice displeasure about the equipment on your bike? You can't be serious - right?

Try putting yourself in the place of the retailer for a moment in this situation with a customer coming in 2 years later to complain about a purchase.

Consider also you probably got the bike at a reduced price (compared to the OEM model) because of the lesser equipement...

Suggest you sell the bike if you truly dislike it that much and get something you really want...