Bike size help

Ozark Bicycle said:
TT length is the most critical frame dimension, since using too long or too short a stem to get the right fit will result in strange steering response. OTOH, seat tube length is widely adjustable via the seatpost w/o a big negative impact. IMO, "compact frames" are a marketing gimmick that only benefits the bike makers (fewer sizes "fit all").
Cool. I know TT length varies big time form bike maker to bike maker so good call.
boudreaux said:
No BS here, but that also assumes the fitter knows what he/she is doing and can find their aZZ with both hands.

Thats exactly what I was gonna say ;)

Basically, you should not have to pay a single dime- .10 - or more , to get properly sized(we are not talking a custom frame build here.... but a production bike purchase from a repitable LBS.. that you are GIVING them your business $$ , thus in return.. they can SPEND some time with you.... to give you there honest recommendation of what size frame/ stem to buy . Really , its not much to ask.

Just my .07 cents :)