Bike swap


Mar 9, 2015
My town has an annual bike swap. I haven't personally gone, but I know its pretty popular in the cycling world.

Have you ever been to a bike swap? Found any good scores?

Would you recommend someone who isn't an expert in bike mechanics and such go to a bike swap, or would it be better to avoid it so as not to accidentally get something that has a lot of problems I might not be able to recognize?
According to what I have heard, I personally would not go to any of those events, I would go but would not swap bikes for another's, you never know what the other bike has or has had before you ever see it, if you need a new bike I recommend you to save up some money or sell your current bike and buy a new one, it is the best way, well that is what I would actually do, dont know about you.
Go to the swap meet, look around, if you see something you like take it sor a ride. Bikes are pretty simple and basic machines, don't be intimidated. Keep in mind, you can go and just look around too.

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