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Oct 10, 2017
not so much wanting to buy a new bike but just ask people what their opinion is about a bike I'm thinking of swapping and If I am getting the short end of the stick.

I currently have a 2017 Trek x-caliber 8 but don't use it really at all, Was talking to one of the guys that I work with who is looking for a hard tail and I was wanting a road bike.

2011 EMC R1.2
Carbon frame
Ultegra brakes and gear set.
Ultegra wheels (I think they are called sr- 88 they are carbon composite)
Size 56 frame

I admit I have to go around and see if I can see any damage to it but just wondering if people think that its a decent trade or If I should be asking for money in return
The EMC bike is a generic made bike out of Malaysia, the resale value of that bike would be almost nothing except the components which would be worth more than the frame.

I wouldn't do the swap, you have a brand new bike and trying to swap it for generic no name brand 6 year old bike that you have no clue how many miles are on it other than taking the word of the other guy, you don't know if he's crashed the bike and maybe something is wrong with the fork or frame.

I would stay far away from this deal.

If you want to go faster simply take the bike you have now, lock out the forks to make them rigid. Then convert your tires over to a narrower tires that are smooth treaded like the Conti Speed King II RaceSport 29er, or the Schwalbe G-One Speed EVO LiteSkin Folding Tire. The problem with your bike is that the tire choices are limited, you could go down to your local bike shop and see what they can do to put on a set of wheels for a more common size tire that can accept narrower tires with smooth tread like a 26 inch tire (make sure it can fit, this is just a suggestion), with a 26 size you can find lots of tires and finding a smooth narrower and lighter tire will be easy.

The other thing you could consider is finding out if you can get a rigid fork if you want to lighten up the bike more then just tires and rims alone. If you decide to get a rigid fork DO NOT throw out the suspension fork, you might find a need for it someday and that's a rather nice fork.

But whatever you do...definitely do not do that swap. You have a very nice bike as it stands now. You could try going to the bike shop you got it from and see if they'll let you trade it in since you just got, you still may have to pay some money but it won't be a awful lot. Try to find a new road bike with Shimano 105 to keep the cost down, or a combination of Ultegra and 105. Talk to your reps and see what they can do.

Keep us informed as to what you decide to do.

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