Bike Tools


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Mar 22, 2012
I need to disassemble my entire bike so that I can have the frame and forks painted. While I have a ton of auto tools, there are obviously a few things that I can't disassemble / reassemble without actual "bike" tools. Can you guys suggest the things I'd need that auto tools can't cover? I know the chain whip and cassette locking tools are a couple...

Also, would it just be better to just get a kit? I only have about $100 to spend though and it seems like the Spin Doctor Team 33 tool kit would have it all, or maybe the Spin Doctor Essential tool kit?

Any advice would help. Thanks!
You don't need a chain whip and cassette lockring tools to be able to paint your frame and forks.

You'll need a chain breaker, the appropriate bottom bracket wrench, and depending on how old your steer tube/forks are, you may need a headset removal tool. The rest can be done with standard tools--sockets, ratchets, open/box-end wrenches, allen wrenches and screwdrivers.
Another option would be to have your LBS remove what you cant.
Depending on what type of componentry, you may need or want a bottom bracket cup removal tool, some headset wrenches perhaps, headset cup/crown race removal and installation tools as required. Some folks do not remove the BB/headset cups for painting and some do.

Like jpr95 said, your existing tools will go a long way towards detail stripping your bike. And headset cup/crown race tools can be fabricated at home in you want to get that involved. The typical metric hex key set and a Torx key set are necessities for most bikes.

You'll definitely 'want' that cassette lockring tool and chain whip for future home repairs anyway. Is it possible for a man to have too many tools? Nah! Never!

If you have carbon fiber component parts or are somewhat ham-fisted with wrenches, a torque wrench will be an often used tool. I do not consider one an absolute necessity for the very experienced wrench turner, but it's still a nice reference to have and use. The torque wrench is dirt cheap compared to the cracking noise your carbon seat tube just made...