Bike Transporting Crew Cab Truck


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Jul 19, 2006
I have a Ford F-150 Crew Cab and am looking for a better bike tranportation method than just throwing it in back.

I want to start riding after work on the local greenways so I'll need something secure enough where my bike wouldn't get stolen as my trucks parked throughout the day.

I stopped by the local shop and was all excited when I saw the Insta Gator Bike rack that didn't require you take off the front wheel every time. But it required a long enough bed and as you can guess when I got home and tried to line my bike up in the bed, the bike was about 2" too long and the gate wouldn't close which would of course rule out the Insta Gator.

So now what do I do? My truck doesn't have a hitch on it. (Didn't come with the towing package) Should I look at having that installed so I can use the hitch racks.

Up for suggestions at this point.

Hey, good thiking! My neighbour was selling a Crew Cab Nissin, a Bright Red, ex Japan Fire Engine!!! I advertised it on the local bike forum but never got a bite. :eek:
There are attachments that will allow your tailgate to be propped at an angle and not bounce around. Guys that ride dirtbikes run into the same thing.
Just take the tailgate off and put a 2X4 or 2X6 under the tires of the bike. The board is 8' and should be long enough for the back tire to sit on. Just strap the board to the back tire to keep the board from sliding out. Cheap way of doing things I guess.