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    Jun 14, 2012
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    Hi guys,

    I love reading this forum but sadly I've never been confident enough to write a forum post on here as you all seem so learned :) puts me to shame.

    I found an offer online that I felt I had to mention here though as it seems very interesting. I've been looking for new bike wheels recently for my Stealth Bike and thought I'd look round the internet for the best prices. Sadly, they can be quite expensive :) but I found Ribble cycles that has an offer on till Thursday morning that offers people an extra 10% of all their wheels, tyres and tubulars. Helped me a lot as I'm on a tight budget monthly as I live alone. The site itself is a bit rubbish the offers they have is really nice.

    I just wanted to pass this over for people who might be in the same position as me. Use the promo code: XTRA10

    Thanks guys and keep on biking through the winter :)