Bikefest in the Square - Opportunity to be part of LifeCycle



Transport for London would like to invite your organisation to take part in
Bikefest in the Square on Saturday 13 June 2004.

This will be a dynamic cycling festival and will be a flagship event for
Bike Week 2004. This is not just a cycling event for cyclists - it will
demonstrate to everyone, young and old, those who have never cycled or
haven't cycled in years, that this is a great option for getting around

The afternoon of celebrations will involve bike themed entertainment and
activities including:

A large central screen and stage providing a focus for the afternoon's
activities with cycling footage and special guests
Junk funk band Weapons of Sound, instruments created from bicycle parts
The Half Pipe Show, a spectacular BMX stunt bike show
Roving street theatre performances
A cycle art workshop zone
A cycle try out area where members of the public can try out a wide variety
of bikes
Bollywood on Bikes - a choreographed dance piece with all the glamour and
allure of Bollywood
LifeCycle themed stalls area - wide range of information on cycling in

We would like to invite you to be a part of LifeCycle.

The concept
A stalls and information marquee providing a gateway to cycling in London.
After moving around LifeCycle visitors are able to exit with all their
questions answered.

How you can be involved
Your organisation is invited to have a presence in one or more themed areas
within LifeCycle for all or part of the afternoon with the corporate
objective of selling cycling to Londoners. The challenge is to work together
and think creatively to promote 'cycling in London' as a product that will
benefit everyone.

TfL will prepare background boards for the themed areas within the LifeCycle

Contributors to LifeCycle may:

wear branded T-Shirts
distribute branded leaflets and provide information
answer questions and pro-actively engage visitors
provide branded freebies/discounts etc

Contributors to LifeCycle may not:

provide branded displays/stalls
engage in commercial activity i.e. taking money from visitors
promote the benefits of their product over other LifeCycle contributors

The Plan

Entry -

"LifeCycle - find out about cycling in London"

Why cycle?

Theme - Health, cost, social etc

Where can I cycle?

Theme - cycling routes, maps, tours and venues.

Which bike for me?

Theme - cycle trade and accessories

How can I stay safe and secure?

Theme - cycle training

Who can help me get cycling?

Theme - Cycling clubs, groups, organisations, support

Exit -

When?.can I start?


Visit for more information

If you feel that you would like to have a presence in LifeCycle and would
like to discuss it further, please contact me,Tom Solly, at GDF
Diversivents, using the details below. I look forward to hearing from you
and do hope you can participate in this way.

Tom Solly
Projects Manager
GDF Diversivents
6 College Approach
London SE10 9HY
Tel 020 8305 1818
Fax 020 8305 1188
Email: [email protected]

Tim Henderson

Quote from TfL Cycling Events page
Cycle parking will be provided although there will be a limited number
of spaces and security/safety restrictions will apply. It won’t
be possible to wheel cycles around the event displays and exhibits.

For real-time travel information and to plan your trip to Trafalgar
Square visit the Journey Planner

So I used Journey Planner to see what it said ....

.... and none of the options told me to use my bike !

but it was reassuring that the fastest of their "maximum times" (1hr
10 mins) was 15 mins longer than my usual time to Trafalgar Square

and it cost £4 more.