Biker Misbehavior

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  1. Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 11:40:59 -0700 (PDT)
    From: Kevin West <[email protected]>
    Subject: Re: Responce to bikers.

    Many years ago I did not have a working car and rode a
    bike to work from the canal area for over a year,
    including to Denny’s. I saw my life flash in front of
    my eyes at least one a day" I had no choice, taking
    the bus would have added about 2 or more hours a day
    getting to and from work, working graves only gave me
    about 4hours of sleep a day as it was. I did not stop
    at stop signs but I did stop at lights. I got a
    ticket on a bicycle one morning after getting off work
    at 5am on Sunday. I and the officer were the only
    ones on the SFDB. So I am aware of the problems. I am
    also a security person. It is irrelevant that
    stopping is an inconvenient, it is the LAW. None of
    this do as I saw not as I do stuff.“ Bikers have NO
    “right” to complain about drivers disobey laws when
    they rarely follow the law. Driving safely is part of
    having good and safe driving habits. Once I got a car
    the bike went I do not own one, (I plan on getting one
    for bike rides with the family thought, no on the road
    of course.) It is CRAZY and suicidal to ride a bike
    on the street. Yes it is the partly the car drivers,
    but even good drivers can hit a biker, blinded by the
    sun avoiding an obstacle, personal distractions etc.
    I drove a motorcycle before getting a license for a
    car. I am well aware that most people are lousy
    drivers, this is what “taught” me defensive driving
    out of self preservation. But bikers are not going to
    change human nature. The problem is the bikers seem
    to think that we should be watch out for their health!
    So when they get killed it is only the cars fault,
    see any flaw in this thinking? I would like bikers
    to be made aware that they are not going to change the
    bad drivers, it is their self preservation skills that
    need changing. “One day I was riding my motorcycle
    and went around a corner to cross a narrow bridge on
    the bridge was a woman driving a car; she was on my
    lane since she cut the corner, (the bridge had blind
    corners on both sides.) I had no more that two feet
    between me and death. I saw her face and will never
    forget it, it was extreme fright. I did not panic,
    (to my surprise) and got past. If it was not for my
    defensive driving I would not have been driving as
    “cautious”. Most bicycle riders, would have been
    killed, (because they would have been in the middle
    of the road. Of course they think the law says they
    can ride in the middle of the road.) I did not have
    time to get over I was already there! This was a
    country road in the Sierra foothills near Grass

    I do not have the time to edit the previous document.
    I work full time and have a family. I sneaked this
    in at work but can not spend much time at it. (I am a
    computer technician at College Of Marin.) I am no
    good at editing my own writing. I have written
    scripts (Star Trek is one) and am working on a couple
    of books one is a technical book on “Novell networks
    security”, but get someone else to edit them. I have
    a vivid imagination and am very diverse, (I have been
    called a renaissance man). I am good at writing but
    it takes lots of work. You can use the ideas and put
    them in your own words, but I will not be able to give
    you a perfect copy, do not even have to time to read
    all the stuff you send! It also sounds like it is
    only the mountain bikers you have a problem with, try
    going for a car ride in West Marin on the weekend if
    you doubt any arrogance of road bike riders.

    Speaking of dependence. It cost about $18,000 to put
    solar panels in a home. About half would be rebated
    with California State and Federal rebates. The extra
    power generated would fed back into the grid,
    reversing the meter. P. G. and E. would send you a
    check once a year, if you put back more that you use
    which most homes would. If one had an electric car it
    would be powered free and clean!

    BART made small communities into large cities. Marin
    does not want this to happen here. I believe a light
    rail if put in, (property purchased around the right
    of way, run where there already develop, etc) would
    not increase population but would take some cars off
    the road. It is amazing how many people I have talked
    to over the years that want trains back in Marin and
    would use them.

    20 years ago if one drove to Santa Rosa the freeway
    would have had very few cars. Today the freeway is
    full going to Sonoma in the evening and south in the
    morning. This means that the problem is people living
    in Sonoma are working outside of their area.

    The reason is
    • Housing is expensive in Marin. It is expensive
    everywhere in the Bay Area! Marin jobs do not pay
    enough to purchase a home here!
    • People purchase a home in Sonoma only to find that
    the wages up there will not even support a home there,
    so they still have to work in Marin or SF, (I have
    know many people that ended up working back in Marin
    because of this.)
    • People working in SF live in Marin because the
    housing in SF is even more expensive, and hard to get,
    besides Marin is nicer to like for some people.
    • What needs to be done is to get people to work and
    live in the same area; (I live on SFDB and work on
    SFDB. I could get a job for twice the money in SF as
    a Network Administrator/Technician but will not
    commuting is insane and very unhealthy, not to mention
    you can not spend time with your family if it is spent
    on the road!)
    • Sonoma needs to attract business that will pay
    decent wages. Business move up there because of the
    cheap labor and lower property costs, the former is no
    doubt the main reason today.
    • Marin needs to attract SF businesses that will pay
    better wages.
    • SF Bay Area has the only waterway in the world that
    is NOT being used for transportation! We could
    eliminate the congested roads with a Bay Area ferry
    system. It has been discussed in Sacramento but this
    California budget problem has put an end to it.

    Summary: Businesses in Marin, Sonoma, San Francisco,
    and the East Bay do not pay “livable wages so people
    can live where the work. Marin jobs pay more than
    Sonoma and SF jobs pay more than Marin etc. This
    creates our transportation problem. Housing is
    expensive everywhere in the Bay Area; you are not
    going to get around that.

    Making roads wider is simply treating a symptom, not
    the cause of the problem. If roads are made bigger
    all it do is make the problem worse, we need
    alternatives. Not everyone likes busses, not everyone
    will ride in a train or BART or light rail or
    trolleys. Some people have to drive or hate crowds in
    public transportation. (When I was working in SF on
    the grave shift, the bus was large time waster, it
    took 30 minutes to drive to work but I had to wake up
    an hour and a half earlier to take the bus. The last
    time I rode the buss I spent the trip keeping a drunk
    off my lap! I do not like riding a bus)

    Marin used to have the best transportation system in
    the bay area, (including electric trains), but like LA
    were taken out and replaced with roads, now look where
    we are!

    What the people of the Bay Area need is to be educated
    in the facts and alternatives, not simply given and
    believing the oil and auto and power industries
    propaganda, (they ARE still the reason for
    California’s total dependent on cars and oil. If
    half, or even a third of the homes, business,
    government building and schools in the US had solar
    panels installed over the last 20 years, California
    would never have had a power shortage, if anything a
    surplus, and would not be in Iraq! We would not need
    more nuclear power plants, like the President

    Vice President of the U.S. said that “Oil dependence
    is a myth”. I wonder if one could see the lips of the
    oil company president move when the Vice President
    mouthed this ridiculous lie!

    I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to
    humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8
    years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)