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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Guest, May 6, 2002.

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    Hello All,

    Can anyone suggest a bike/frame made specifically for women? A friend of mine is after a good road bike thats not too expensive.

    Links to sites with the bikes on would be appreciated.

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    Aug 11, 2001
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    Click here for the Trek 2000 WSD. I'm not sure what the bike costs tho.
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    I've recently seen a Road Bike Buyer's Guide. It's great cause they note specifically bikes that are tailored to women. Shorter top tube, even smaller wheels. That gives a lot of info including MSRP.
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    Thats great, where did you see it? Do you think it will be available on the web? ???
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    Don't know if it's on-line. I bought it at Bookstore. I'll check when I go home tonight and can give the web address later
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    You could check out this site:
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    I am going with Vo2 on this one.

    I have a Trek WSD and I LOVE IT!  It comes in smaller sizes (mine is a 43), it has a shorter crank for those not so long legs, it also came with Mavic 650 wheels, and a vented Bontrager seat.  I think you can change out the wheels, if you like 700s.  It has all Ultegra/Tiagra components.  Mine is a 2000 model (red, white, and black).  I paid $1100 for it.  (It didn't come with clipless pedals, though..FYI)

    So, cost is variable.  The newest WSD (metallic baby blue and white) that had a similar build was retailing $1600, last time I saw.  Of course, if they have something special out there with DureAce components, clipless pedals, HED wheel, tricked out aeros, etc...then, you are paying the cost of those components, which will easily double the price of the bike.

    This may give you a gauge for what is out there, so you don't get ripped off.  Hope that helps!
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    I see this question all the time.... and as a 5'2" woman, I have an opinion too.....

    Just find a bike that fits and is comfortable to ride..... I've tried 2 women's specific bikes, and both of them have longer top tubes (mountain bikes) than the "man's" bike I bought. I wouldn't get to caught up in the gender specific bikes - if it fits, ride it!