Bikes of China

dtmeister wrote:
> Stumbled across this on the crazyguyonabike website. Some cool photos of
> some different bikes.

Great site.

Slightly off topic, does anyone know about the cost of genuine high
quality bikes in China?

ebay has lots of high end bikes like Trek Madones for the Yuan
equivalent of a couple of hundred Australian dollars.

a) They're outright scams, there is no bike at all.
b) They're not genuine Trek Madones at all, just inferior Chinese
c) Second hand bikes in China sell at massive discounts compared to
d) Trek actually sell bikes cheaply over there.

I think d is possible but I can imagine bikes being only modestly
cheaper unless the component makers also are willing to discount
heavily for the Chinese market. Anyone who has ever looked at the
price of a Dura Ace groupset would know that the bits are not cheap.

There may be an element of c, but considering the shitty state of some
of the bikes in the web site above I don't think snobbishness about
buying second hand plays a role.

So I think a and b are the most probable.

But for those who have lived or worked in China, what DOES a genuine
high end bike cost over there relative to the Australian price?