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Feb 19, 2008
Hey guys, I've posted here about my free site before. We added some new features so I'm just checking back in to tell you about them...

BikeWire users can now upload classifieds that will be sorted by post date, time left, and displayed on their profiles and in the respective Area pages, along with the public Overall Classifieds pages. Classifieds are public so you can link from other sites to your posts, you can use the "Add This" function to post to MySpace or Facebook, and this way non-bikewire users can browse listings as well. Only Bikewire users can POST listings.

Many sites like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. offer status updates so we did too, they publish to RSS feeds for those of you with Blogs and websites that use RSS feeds to publish content on your pages.

We're trying real hard to finish the Mapper, some math hangups on mile markers have the release stalled right now. But rest assured it is coming and will be GPS compatible. And along with everything else on the site, will be organized by Area, User that created the map, and Users that ride the map.

And for those of you that have never heard of the site there's more info below...

The URL is http://www.bikewire.net

The site is 100% free (we use google ads for now and hope to have real advertisers soon to support our server costs).

Current Site Features:
- Networking: Personal Profile, Areas, Clubs, Teams, Friends
- Statistics: Ride Logs (race, training, recreation), Charts, Graphs (bar, line, area, pie), Stat Feeds
- Leaderboard: Club Mileage, Personal Mileage, Personal Elevation, Personal Avg Speed
- BikeRack: Post a Bike Photo, Info about the bike, and other people can rate it
- Photo Albums: Personal albums, Club albums
- Personal Blogs: Public/Private Toggle, RSS available, Digg/Facebook/etc. sharing
- Area / Club / Team Message Boards: Area Boards are RSS available
- In Site Messaging system
- For those of you with Facebook there is an App to post your stats, public blogs, bikes, and recent photos on your Facebook profile. !! Stats now working !!

Upcoming Features:
- Mapping

I hope everyone checks it out and tells their friends. This site could really help new cyclists find information about cycling in their area and find friends as well as promote clubs and teams and get the word out about local competition.

Thanks, Tim

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