Biking Paradise



Bike Paradise. Yesterday morning, Monday, picture this! 5:15 I'm on the MTB out the front gate straight on to the dirt road. Twenty minutes later after a climb I'm up on the Cradle - Kromdraai road. ( Cradle of Mankind, now proclaimed a World Heritage site). A beautiful morning, not a sound, not a car, not a building, not a person to be seen. No wind, just pure bliss! Then barking and a troop of big baboons cross in front of me, later I have to slow on a downhill to let a female carrying a baby cross right in front of me. Out on the left, 45-50km away the concrete jungle of Johannesburg is on the horizon. On the right about 50-60km away the Magaliesberg Mountains stretch across that horizon. I feel on top of the world. Later a couple of vervet monkeys scamper along the road. Overhead 9 or 10 vultures soaring on an early thermal looking for breakfast. Then I'm riding past signs warning me of hippos on the road! Never seen those! I think they're anticipating a breakout from one of the game reserves along there. But I have seen brown hyena and a couple of years ago a leopard. Peace, perfect peace. 7:30 - 8:00 after just under 40km on sand road and I'm back home. This is my alternative training route to a 60km road bike route on the tar. I try to do three of these endurance routes a week varying between the road and the MTB as I feel. Must admit I often take the MTB. I don't have to load the road bike to get to the tar and I can really chill out up there. Unfortunately "civilisation" seems to be daily getting closer. Now it's proclaimed a Heritage Site I suppose the roads will soon get tarred and messed up for US mountain bikers! But hey! It'll be great for US roadies! See I'm really not biased, I'm addicted to both! ;)
I did the Amashovashova last year down in Kwa-Zulu Natal. My start was early, about 6:30 am, and it was a very misty and humid day. While climbing up Inchanga, I suddenly realised how quiet it was, and looked around to see if I could spot any of the other cyclists, but there were none. What I then saw was one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen while cycling. Typical KZN, there was mist hanging around on the mountain sides. I couldn’t see further than about 20 meters infront of me. I was virtually covered in mist, with the lush green tropical flora of Natal peering at me from the side of the road. It was dead quiet. My breathing suddenly became very obvious. That’s all I could hear. My fast, shallow breathing while climbing that killer hill, Inchanga. I could see no one ahead of me. I could hear voices behind me, softly, far away, struggling. And for those few moments, I was on my own, leading the race. I was the King of the Mountain!

The Amashovashova is still my favourite race.
Now it's proclaimed a Heritage Site I suppose the roads will soon get tarred and messed up for US mountain bikers!

What do you mean by that???
US mountain bikers don't ride the TRAILS around there???? ???
Or do you mean that you are the US MB and the fact that the road will get tarred,that will mess it up for you?

If it's a Heritage Site,is that not like a Conservation area?
Keep it wild!!!
The ride you described sounded like an incredicle ride,with all that fauna around you,SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!!
I think Old Timer means 'us' as in you and I, not as in USA. ;)
HAHA i to took that the worng way......I thought 'what the.....' when i read that this morning ops!