Biking The Legendary Ho Chi Minh Trails, Vietnam

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    The so-called Ho Chi Minh Trail is one of the most renowned legends of the American War. The complicated road system winds along the Truong Son Range, which that facilitated movement of soldiers and war supplies from North Vietnam to battlefields in South Vietnam. Now the historic trail is being turned into a highway and hotels and towns are springing up speedily beside it. The route is incredibly beautiful with new mountain views around every corner, very little traffic, and virtually no tourists. We start our great adventure with overnight train to Vinh then head south following the new highway. This trip brings you a great chance to learn about the Vietnamese modern history and see it beautiful nature. The trip concludes in Hoian, a charming ancient town in centre Vietnam. Learn more about this package at Plan a vacation now, call +84 4 3573 8569 to speak our travel specialists or mail to [email protected] Learn more about our packages here: