Biking while on vacation

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    There's a popular vacation spot here in my country called Batanes which is very far from the busy city life of Manila, Philippines. It is located at the northernmost part of the country and life there is one of the simplest in the whole country. There are no malls, no high rise buildings etc. Basically, when you go there, you feel like you are living in the past due to the very simple lifestyle.

    Tourists who go there would usually rent bikes since most people use bikes instead of cars. There are just a few number of cars in the area. The bikes are rented out to be used for touring the province. It is such an enjoyable experience because biking in that place gives a feeling of freshness and tranquility especially because of the fresh breeze one feels while touring around the province using a bike.

    Here's a blog I've read with some of the beautiful pictures the blogger took while biking in Batanes: