biofeedback equipment



Dear Ladies and Sirs! We propose you the right choice that allows diagnosing of the whole human
organism with further selection of the best BAAs. We can include that are being distributed by your
company to the database of our device. The best corelation of the unique diagnosing method with
simultaneous selection of the BAAs will allow you raising sales very high. We offer you an
outstanding device for the alternative medical diagnostics, which allows the diagnostics process of
the whole human body to be done shortly and without involving special medical assistance. The device
can be used in the alternative medicine practice. This device is economically favorable due to its
low price in comparison with any other device for this type of diagnostics, and its highly quick self-
repayment. You don't need to have medical experience, license or education to work with the device.
The diagnostics are provided as computer testing. The device allows preparing and selecting the
homeopathic specimens according to the diagnostics done. The device allows selecting traditional
medical drugs, herbals, biologically active additives, for use in treatment according to the results
of diagnostics. The results of the diagnostics process are attractively visualized; they can be seen
in their dynamics and influence the patient with their visual convincing print-outs. The mobility of
the device is one of its most attractive advantages as it can be assembled with note-books. The
installation and assembly of the device are simple due to the Video Manual that we attach to the
delivery packet. We provide the English Tutorial on CD that can be installed onto your computer.

We run full support of the device and software by our support service department. The device is
warranty supported.

These are far not the whole capabilities of this device. For further information, please, visit or and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.
Best regards, Nortell LTD. Bruce Henderson Director [email protected]