Birth injury: TASC Parents can become world class experts on their child's injury

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    Karen E. Pape, MD says of the TASC Network site:

    "Parents only need to read those pieces that relate to their child. The aim is to make you into a
    World Class Expert on one topic [- your child's specific injury - TDG]...Professionals are
    themselves struggling to keep up with information overload...It is impossible to know
    everything...but you can know and understand your own child's injury and what treatments are
    available. ...The TASC Network site,, is a valuable resource for parents and
    professionals....No one else besides a parent has as great a vested interest in being an expert in
    his or her own child...Take the first step and subscribe to this site. Try it out for a month and if
    it is not of use to you, email us and we will refund your full one year subscription, no questions
    asked." --Karen E. Pape, MD^^^

    ^^^Dr. Pape is currently the Medical Director of the TASC Network. She is extensively published and
    lectures around the world on the subject of treating neurologically disabled children.

    Dear Readers,

    I'm promoting Dr. Pape's TASC Network site because she responded with kindness to a post in which I
    mentioned her Positivity is Power/TASC site...

    See Positivity is Power (also: A BIRTH CRIME)

    When I visited Dr. Pape's Positivity is Power/TASC site today...

    I discovered her 30-day moneyback guarantee.

    I thought parents might be interested.

    NOTE: I do not know Dr. Pape. I make no money promoting her TASC site.


    Dr. Gastaldo [email protected]

    Copied to: Dr. Pape via [email protected]

    BTW, anyone can order the ACOG video on which the BIRTH CRIME above is indirectly admitted...

    To order online...

    Shoulder Dystocia Drill Description William Young, MD Time: 18 minutes/1995 (Reviewed 2001) Item
    #AVL103 Price: $85 ACOG members: $55


    By purporting to show obstetricians how to OPEN the birth canal in a minority of births when the
    shoulders get stuck (with McRoberts maneuver), ACOG is indirectly admitting that in the MAJORITY of
    births obstetricians are CLOSING the birth canal - up to 30% it turns out.

    It's obvious mass child abuse.

    Worse, the ACOG video demonstrates the BAD ("proper") version of McRoberts maneuver (also
    illustrated in Williams Obstetrics) keeps the birth canal closed.

    SUMMARY: TWO related mass child abuse crimes are being committed by obstetricians: 1) obstetricians
    are routinely closing birth canals up to 30%; and 2) obstetricians are KEEPING birth canals closed
    when babies' shoulders get stuck.

    I stand helpless as MDs remain silent as their MD-obstetrician colleagues ignore simple
    biomechanics, senselessly close birth canals and gruesomely push and pull on babies' spines -
    sometimes actually ripping nerves out of tiny spinal cords.

    DAs, too, are ignoring this obstetric mass child abuse crime - not to mention another one (in which
    pediatricians once played a bizarre "babies can't feel pain" role)...

    See Feldenkrais vs. Surgery (also: ugh, Erb's preve\

    I am finally concluding that child abuse is legal if there is an MD after your name.

    And if a baby dies or gets paralyzed during the child abuse, that's legal too.

    (Or at the very worst it's punishable in a civil malpractice suit.)

    Failure to report child abuse perpetuates child abuse....

    So failure to report child abuse is also a crime.

    One pediatrician wrote in 1986:

    "What a terrible indictment...guilty of failing those for whom we have chosen to be advocates."
    [Finkel KC: The failure to report child abuse. AJDC, 1986;140:329-330]

    Yes - it's a terrible indictment - no prosecution yet - so the mass birth-canal-closing child abuse

    BTW, to speed an end to the mass suffering of babies, I am in favor of pardons in advance for MDs.
    MDs are just academic prime cuts forced through this culture's most powerful mental meatgrinder -
    medical school.

    Thanks for reading everyone.



    Ds. Gastaldo [email protected]

    Copied to: Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley and his deputy Bill Hodgman via
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