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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by Fergus Flanagan, Apr 8, 2003.

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  1. Sorry as this is a second posting of this ad but have added a few bits and pieces.

    Equipment has seen only about 300 miles. I am selling this stuff as i converted to recumbents
    (BikeE) a couple of years ago :) and originally thought i might be able to use some of it on my
    recent long awaited recent purchase, the hpv streetmachine. Since the my new bent has hydraulic
    brakes and the XT chainset i'm selling is way too low geared (bent requires a 52 chainring) i have
    decided to stop faffing about and sell the lot then maybe i can afford a schmidt hub dynamo :)

    25" Woodrup 531ST and Raleigh R/Ace 531c touring framesets £60 for both.

    Axa dynamo+light £10 for braze-ons.

    F+R mudgrds 700c £10.

    Topeak R/rack £10.

    Wheels Shimano XT hubs with Mavic T217SUP rims 700c including Conti 2000 tyres hardly used £90.

    Dual STI 8sp XT brake/gear lever set & cables as new £45.

    XT V-brake set £35.

    8sp XT F&R derailleurs £45.

    XT chainset £50.

    Handlebar similar to Pro Trekking Bar £10. Brighton 07941 255192

    Thule Roof bars (gutter fitting & locking) & Pair of Thule Freeride 575 bike racks (locking)
    £80.00 the lot

    BikeE & HPV StreetMachine Gus Brighton

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.