Black friday 2010, what do u wanna buy??


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Sep 5, 2007
Who else is planning on some Black Friday shopping? I use to dread it when I lived at home (or when we visit home for Thanksgiving) because my parents live an hour from the mall so it meant getting up earlier than early.But now that we're within a few miles from a mall, and WalMart, Target, etc. I can just roll out of bed and waltz in right at opening. So I think I'll do some shopping this year. I did some searching on, but did not find anything great except this Regency Mountain Bikes (Men's) . what ya think? Is it nice stuff to go with?
By the way, Anyone else planning to? If so, where do you plan to hit?
My wife and I were out nice & early on Black Friday, here are some of our 'scores': From Target: Large George Foreman grill - $28 Sandwich toaster - $3 From Lowe's: 4' fiberglass stepladder - $19 8-piece flashlight set - $7 - batteries included 2 24-packs of AA batteries - $6 From Walmart: Several DVDs only $2 each The Mrs got a pair of flannel PJs for $4 From RadioShack: Laptop cooling mat - $10 We were in & out of Lowe's in less than 10 minutes - since they opened at 5, but a printing error in their flyer stated that they were opening at 6... And other household odds & ends for wicked cheap $$$ that I can't think of right now, unfortunately nothing cycling-related though...
The hot deals at my local Target were:

Westinghouse 40" 1080P HD TV for $298.00
RCA Personal 7" DVD player $48.00
A Two (2) Terra byte Western Digital external Hard Drive
A **** load of $2.00 and $4.00 DVD Movies

Did I buy anything? No! I have enough junk complicating my life. Although I work for Target Corporation and could have had an additional 15% off of the sale prices.

Adios, Daddo - Daytona Beach, FL USA