Blackburn Pannier - inner linning

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by 2002L, Jul 23, 2013.

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    May 21, 2013
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    I have a Blackburn pannier that looks a bit like a briefcase/work bag as I use it for communting to and from work. The lime green waterproof lining that came with the pannier has torn, and I just wondered if anyone out there knows how I could get a replacement? I have trawled the internet but with no success. Many thanks ... Liz, from Angus.

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    FWIW. I am presuming that the liner is not vinyl ...

    So, I think that your best bet will require you to do some legwork to find the fabric which you can then take to a seamstress/drycleaner/cobbler OR to anyone else who has a sewing machine & essentially DIY with-or-without the help from the fore mentioned individuals ...

    • basically, without knowing what the fabric is that is in the Blackburn Pannier, if you make the new liner with some CORDURA then you will have a waterproof liner AFTER you seal the seams ....
    • otherwise, just start using some large ZIPLOCK-type BAGS inside your Pannier to keep your items dry.

    Alternatively, depending on the tear (if the rest of the material is not threadbare), it can possibly be mended if you go to a camping outfitter and ask them if they have a patch kit which is normally used for mending tents OR they can possibly indicate a source for a similar fabric which you can then use to make a new liner.