Blackwater 1/2 Ironman Race

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Alan And Paula, Apr 27, 2003.

  1. In the last six years I have gone from a couch potato to a tri potato. Love to swim and bike but
    hate to run. Every season around January I start to add running to my regular six day mix of
    swimming and biking. Over the years I have done about 25 sprints and 2 olympic distance events. I
    race and train with my younger (3 years) and slimmer brother (60 lb.) who just finished the Boston
    Marathon. Our next race is the Columbia Tri (Olympic Distance) this May and the Backwater (1/2
    Ironman Distance) in June.

    The swim is never a problem we usually do about 3-4 hours of swimming per week year round. We have
    been riding outside all winter whenever the roads are dry and inside when ice, snow or rain stop us.
    My brother is set for the run and my runs have got progressively longer. Today was a slow 10.5 mile
    followed by an intense spin class (my wife's new passion). I'm a back of the pack type who is just
    happy to beat the old lady on the walker so my time is not that important. Most of all I enjoy the
    fun I have with my growing collection of tri friends. My brother is my best friend and keeps me
    moving when the road gets long, ( he is always ready to take my picture at the end). My son is a 23
    year old biker and has raced with us when ever he can. As a 53 year old high school teacher I have
    been able to sucker 18 year old students to join us some of which in their 20's still join us.

    When I first started, the sprint distance always scared me but now I've gotten comfortable with that
    distance. The olympic distance is still a challenge but one that I am familiar with. Quite frankly
    the 1/2 Ironman is got me good and scared. I feel like a newbie starting over and I don't know what
    to expect. So here is the question. What advice do you have for someone moving up to this new
    challenge. How will the longer distance be different. Any differences in how I approach clothing and
    how about nutrition.