Bladex 50/88 Mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

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    Apr 26, 2015
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    Just thought of writing something on these wheels. I bought them October 2014 and have already used them over 300 miles on the time trial bike. Wheels are stiff, with great acceleration, super smooth ceramic bearings, bladed spokes, titanium skewers (they work great as long as you put anti-seize grease on them). They have remained nicely thrue. Great construction, stickers. A great value for the money. I haven't had issues braking with the basalt braking surface, no vibrations when hitting the brakes, but I only used them on the TT bike. I have never used them on the road. The company's customer services is pretty good. Very friendly people. I am also waiting for the arrival of the next wheelset, 38mm with aluminum braking surface. I will write about that wheelset soon.

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