blame it on the rain: night ride

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    On the plus side the heat wave finally broke [Low last night 10c] and the
    Air Quality Index got back down to Blue, which is Very Good and a numerical

    I think the same people who designed the US's Homeland Security threat
    Colour code designed Ontario's AQI colour code.

    Other than local sources of pollution we get air poison from the US Midwest
    [Couldja' take it easy on us you Midwesterners? Please?? Ride your bikes
    more.] Not that our hands are clean. Ontario's pollution gets carried
    downwind to New England and Quebec [Sorry about that, Marlene]

    The negative side was that it took a lot of rain. But then, I actually
    enjoy watching an energetic thunder-boomer from my balcony. Though it scares
    the bejesus out of the critter. The problem is the rain limits riding and
    make the trails too soggy for at least a couple days. Hopefully by Saturday.

    So I finally got out late last night for a tour around town. Went through
    downtown, the bar district and watched as a bouncer and drunk patron argued.
    Pedalled north through residential and parks areas, taking advantage of
    deserted streets to dawdle and slalom all over the empty streets. Many many
    dog walkers about. None, save one, seemed enraged by a cyclist, but his
    owner kept him leashed and under control.

    2 hours, 45 km, and a slice of pizza as reward.

    Oh, If anyone is interested I used the down time to upload more photos,
    organize them, an add short descriptions if anyone is interested. Feedback

    'Loaded like a freight train
    Flyin' like an aeroplane
    Feelin' like a space brain
    One more time tonight.' -g&r