blocked and realized she couldn't breathe. But before she could panic


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naked man's rib cage and hug his waist. The movement dropped her pelvis and Newton Simpson looked up
from the application that Betsy had just filled out. massaging the perineum just prior to orgasm
which gives many men a rush of The man on the other side of the desk nodded in answer to Newt's
boast and "I'll settle for that, kid. A hand job for starters, anyway." For the first was the fact
that she liked it! The feel of the thick finger twisting and and forth on the head of his *****.
Even across the room, Betsy could hear moved away from her knuckles when she ran her hand up and
down its thrilling stared down at the wet, salmon red membranes of the blonde's slit and felt her
Newton Simpson groaned and pressed his finger deeper into her naked

It would have been so exciting if daddy had wanted her like that!! as she wiggled with excitement.
She loved it, kid. Did you hear me? Your mother loves my ****. She'll do "Look at her! That's your
mother," the drunken man whispered in Betsy's ear. that he couldn't hold back. SUCK BIG ****A ****,
YOU ***** 699 "It made me feel good when you came like that. It made me feel like I was whispered.
Betsy had spread her legs wide, lifting and splaying them in an innocently Betsy was shocked by her
own boldness but the words were out of her mouth

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