Blue ridge parkway info


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Nov 1, 2009
I'm planning a bike trip on the Blue Ridge Parkway - the 470 or so miles in six or maybe seven days - in May, with my wife driving a sag rental, and staying in hotels/motels. I'm likely going north to south, and I'll be up for the task, as I live at elevation and am use to climbing and multi-day trips (I'm in CO at 8600').

I have the "Bicycling the Blue Ridge" book, but it seems to be catered way more toward the touring/camping cyclist. I'll be riding a fairly light road bike with one small frame pack below the top tube. I'll carry enough calories and water for three or four hours, and then meet my wife each day at an agreed upon sag lunch stop mid ride, so my main interests right now are lodging, and dinner restaurants which have healthier food.

I'm hoping to get some suggestions, as I'm not finding a lot online...most is related to camping.

Thanks, Roy