BMC SL01 Ultegra vs. Focus Izalco Pro 3.0


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May 13, 2012
Hi there everybody,

I'm going to buy a new road bike, but I still have my doubts about the final choice.

After having visited many bike shops and read even more reviews I got this couple of bikes:

I've prepared the attached pdf chart that compares the main specs of both bikes.

I really need your advice for which I thank you all in advance.




  • BMC SL01 Ultegra vs. Focus Izalco Pro 3 (Eng).pdf
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Jul 23, 2005

'I' would definitely choose Shimano components over SRAM components, particularly since 2012 SRAM components are being superseded in less than a month's time ... although not obsolete, SRAM is a day-late-and-a-dollar-short because (IMO) they should have introduced the cosmetically redesigned shifters LAST YEAR instead of in the LAST MONTH, or two ...

The mechanical changes to the 2013 SRAM components are apparently minimal (possibly, non-existent in the FORCE/RIVAL/etc. groups) ...

If you are compelled for some reason to buy SRAM, then 'I' recommend you receive a DEEP DISCOUNT or wait until next year.

2012 Shimano Dura Ace & presumably Ultegra are theoretically being superseded by 11-speed components in 2013 ...

The updated Shimano includes a looks-like-a-4-arm Dura Ace crankset so the same probably holds true for next-year's Ultegra -- 'I' am going to guess that Shimano may be resurrecting the Octalink-era 112BCD 4-arm XTR chainring size!?!

BTW. Oddball BCD's have fallen by the wayside, before, so if the 2013 Dura Ace & Ultegra crank do have a 4-arm 112BCD then THAT's not necessarily a good thing, IMO, in the near term ... another 12+ years from now that may be an accepted alternative "standard" like Campagnolo's 135BCD, but why be a guinea pig unless a person is a slave-to-fashion (not that there is anything wrong with that!)?

FWIW. Because there may be reasons NOT to get a bike with an 11-speed Shimano drivetrain, 'I' don't think there is as great a reason to avoid the current crop of Shimano equipped bikes.


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Dec 14, 2006
Although I voted for BMC because of the Shimano components, you should really try to get a test ride on both bikes and pick the one that feels best to you. It may not be possible for you depending upon where you live, but a test ride is the only definitive way for you to make your decision.


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Jun 2, 2012
I decided to buy the BMC. I rode both bikes and although there was not much difference in many aspects of the bikes here is why I made the decision to go with BMC in Naked: Frame geometry is more comfortable for long rides....all day riding...or even a triathlon Ultegra is simply awesome....sooo smooth compared to sram force. I experienced a dramatic difference here. Love the naked carbon is hot! Paid 3k plus tax from LBS. Will receive 20% discount on accessories for 30 days....15% for 1 year. 1.5 hr pro fitting with new technology. izalco attributes: The izalco has awesome power and speed out of the wants to go! nice looking bike and kind of color config...mostly black BB30 seems to have excellent reviews german engineering...made in focus factory in Germany Comfortable ride....especially on rough roads.....smoooth!


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Jun 9, 2012
Hey there! I don't know if you made your decision yet, but my vote is the Izalco. I live in Napa so I was able to take both these bikes out last winter for 30 mile spins. Both are great bikes in my opinion. But the Izalco frame is what convinced me. And the ride of course! Very quiet and comfortable. And responsive! There's a reason this bike is getting top reviews. Force took a little getting used to as I am more familiar with ultegra. Also, this bike can be upgraded to pretty much any level. Hope this helps! Let us know when you decide. Cheers.


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Jul 23, 2012
I just got my Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 this week and boy what a ride. The SRAM Force Groupo is accurate and consistent when shifting at low speeds and at high speeds. Digging up and out of the saddle, heading up hills is awesome. The bike is super responsive, lightweight ~16.8 lbs. stock and the carbon on this guy is nuts! The matte black finish is something to marvel at. Its inner housing cable ways are unreal and the engineering on this bike overall is second to none. I didn’t like the stock saddle, as I put 52 miles on this ride out of the box and that was really the only complaint. I am 5'10 / 155 pounds and have the 56'' frame which is a Large in their sizing. It fits me perfectly! I am sure I will be going in for a proper bike fitting but simply assembling this frame on my own and doing amateur level tweaks, I am very happy with this bike so far. Too many riders these days are on Cervelos and BMC’s IMHO, not that they not great bikes, but c’mon, if you are looking for something different, within the racing class and want top end components, this is it! Unlike many other rides that say “full Ultegra” and you just end up with brakes and derailleurs, This SRAM Force Groupo is the Groupo. Cranks, front and rear derailleurs, Brakes, Brake pads, shifters and brake levers and cassettes are all Force level componentry, so overall, this is probably the best bike around for the money. Aside from my review, an opinion that comes from a guy you all don’t know, how about This bike taking the Editor’s choice award from Bike Magazine for the 3rd year in a row should say something. Its half the reason I started looking into this bike from the beginning..and now that it is mine, I am finding gout that more and more bike shops around me are no longer able to keep in stock and as it stands today, Focus is officially putting this bikes on back order because they are selling like hot cakes. Enough said. Get this bike!