BMC soigneur busted for importing EPO!


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Dec 23, 2006

Personal use? 200 doses? Yeah, sure, sounds credible. Needed for those 10hr. marathon massage sessions.

Interesting how the denials of knowing the guy started flowing after the story broke. However, he's named on the team's website and worked at a recent race with Van Avermaet. 'Plausible deniability' - gotta love that little escape clause...

Just gotta love the circus that is pro cycling...Viva Le Tour!
Nice to know that it's not only the UCI and WADA that drag their heels over EPO cases.

Breaking news - this was for a package found in 2009, before BMC even had their first team shindig with all the newly signed star riders and their first season as a ProTour team. It's not like he was pulling a Voet and found driving them across country in his car or that it has much of anything to do with the up coming Tour.

As usual, pre-Tour BS revolving around drugs that seems to conveniently clag up the works to take the edge of the expected enjoyment. A story that really shouldn't be a big story will likely take up more than it's fair share of media coverage and "require" another farking David Millar interview.

200 doses. I wonder how many micro doses that'd equate too...

... oh, and welcome to two days ago when this story first broke.
LOL! Made him jump again...all too easy...Some day he'll pull his head can only hope...

It is what it is, regardless of attempts to silence or drown-out the truth...the truth shall make you fee - if you want to be free...

Don't even bother BMC, we all know what's going to come of your "investigation" - nothing. Allow the authorities to do their work and don't get in the way...

One has to wonder where is the UCI and WADA's response to this most recent development of a 2009 seizure of performance enhancing drugs by an employee of a pro tour team? The silence is deafening...

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