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Dec 5, 2005
Hey everyone, I know most of you are into road cycling but I don't know where else to turn to for info, and i'm sure you're all very knowledgeable. Anyways, i'm 14 years old and race BMX ( bicycle moto cross ) a lot of you are probably familiar with this. Each race only lasts about 30 - 45 seconds, because it's just an all out sprint over different obstacles. I was wondering what your advice on training for this might be? I know of course there is doing sprints in the street on my bike, which I do but I want something that will really give me some good results and build up my quads and loose some weight? I'm probably 10-15 pounds from where i'd like to be. Also any diet info would be appreciated too. Thanks for any help.:)
hey, i race bmx and ride road. the best thing you can do for bmx is just ride. it doesn't matter if you are riding trails, practicing gates, riding street or just riding around your neighborhood. i haven't been racing as much as i used to since i'm away at college and money is tight, but when i was 14 all the way through till i was 20, i pretty much went to my local track at least once a week, raced like 20 days of nationals a year along with some state races thrown in. i did pretty well, my best was #2 when i was 17 novice (nbl) with a 3rd in my main at the grands. through those years, i pretty much just rode non-stop. before i could drive, i rode everywhere, go out all night and ride street, ride trails all day on the weekends, go to my local track, then to trails, then ride street all in one day. the most important thing is riding. i know some pros who lift and go on specific training regiments, but then there are some who just ride.

Take the time to visit VintageBMX and sign up. Many former pro's from BITD post there regularly. There is a new school section where you will find all the info you are seeking. That is the best advice I can give you.


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