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    Hey guys, this is my first post. Thanks for having me on the forum, hopefully it will be a long and enjoyable relationship!

    I'm an old man now at 30, 15 years ago I was state and regional BMX champion and in pretty good shape.. Now I'm a good bit rounder and a lot slower! I still go out to the BMX track from time to time and I have a very nice Standard I built myself from top spec parts, my kids also like to ride their BMX mini's.

    Anyhow, I watched the olympics a couple weeks back and was just IN LOVE with the velodrome. I live about 40 miles from the Dick Lane velodrome in Atlanta, so I'm definately going to take advantage of their beginner course and get myself a bike to race out there.

    In the mean time I'm nursing a 2 year old hip injury which has had 3 surgeries at this point and hopefully within another couple of months I'll be cleared to get on the bike again. I'm looking to move into road cycling. I did some mountain biking a while back as I live about 5 minutes from a place called "Dauset trails" which houses 18 miles of pretty awesome MTB trails. I had to give that up as my bike just fell apart the more I rode it, it was a cheaper Mongoose pro model which isn't a box store bike but it isn't a "bike store" bike either. I really plan to get into that again as well but it isn't all the time when I can go to the trails, so as I mentioned I would like to get a road bike so I can ride more often. I would also like to work my way up to entering races as well.

    All that blabbing to ask this. What would be a good bike to get into road cycling with? My budget is pretty small but I understand the differences between a Wal-mart bike and a store bike, so I know to avoid those. They have a GMC bicycle in there which actually looks pretty good but I know better! So, anyhow I'll most likely be looking at used bikes and I just wanted to ask if there were any good, affordable recommendations which I should look for in my search? As I have mentioned I am experienced with bikes, just not road.

    Thanks for the help and sorry for such a long rambling post.