Boardman Bikes any good? (cycle2work scheme)


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Jun 22, 2009
I have a diamond back M05 from last year but thinking (and I was advised by the forums!) I should have paid more and got a better bike. To be honest I haven't used it that much, but the scheme at work is on again and it is a lot cheaper to buy using this and it emds at the end of the month. So was thinking of getting another one and selling the diamondback. I think a hybrid is better as I only ride around the streets and never been off road apart from coastline hills etc, basic off road I would say. is this the best chicd you think for this type of riding? So I now can use any retailer but all the lads at work rave about the Boardmans, are they good bikes? Been looking on site and theres a hybrid for around £500 would this be good, I think it wouldn't go anymore than £750 as I say I really would have to use it more if I pay thins much. Any hints/tips/recommendations, or even should I just stick to my Diamondback, or will getting a Boardman really be that much better? Cheers


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Jan 11, 2009
for 220 GBP your current bike is a very good value, front disc brakes, suspension fork, 21 gears. Diamond Back was the top BMX supplier a couple of decades ago, so they know one thing or two about bicycles. But yes i would upgrade if you dispose of more money,
the main question about the type (road, hybrid, mountain bike) of bike is really a personal one,