Boardman/Halfords Bike Problems


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Jun 18, 2011
After picking my new boardman team carbon road bike up i realised that it was not set up properly with in ten minutes of riding (chain keeped coming off). Left the bike with Halfords and picked it up 2 days later only to find that the gears were slipping when i got home. Took the bike to another halfords store as i started not to trust the bike fitters from the first shop. They re adjusted the front derailier and the bike seemed better but not perfect but was told thats the best they could get it even though the gears on my older £300 racing bike are smoother!.
Took the bike home rode 200yds and the gears all went pear shaped again as the fitter had not tightened the front deraillier up tight enough and it had moved. So far i have managed to ride a total of 400yds and only broke down 4 times lol. The bike seems good Quality but the Halfords staff can not set it up properly.Am i in my rights now to have it setup by LBS and get Halfords to pay for the setup if not can i get a full refund as the bikes only 5 days old.
UPDATE : Took the bike back to another Halfords and they had a boardman trained man there. He looked at the bike and said the bike had been damaged through being setup wrong and needed a new crank and front deraillier but offered to just get a brand new bike out of the box and start a fresh. 2 hours later and the bike was completed. test ride confirmed that all was ok. Just came back from a 15 mile ride and all seems ok (finger's crossed). Bike is good quality and very fast but next time i need a new bike its going to be a LBS or specialised bike shop. Was told there was a six week free service for the bike at halfords and would need to book it in..... Don't think so ....servicing will be some where else lol.
If you want a boardman then i suggest you order it boxed and get someone else (local bike shop) to set it up.
Adey, I am not a bike expert, but I have been around machinery most of my life.

It seems to me that your bike's basic problem was =initial stretch of the Bowden cables=.

Now, the Bowden cable idea is over 120 years old today. I would think that by now,

makers would have nutted-out, and worked around, the fact that woven cables stretch considerably in their first day and weeks.

I often wonder if, or if not, why not: don't makers pre-stretch cable?

If they do, or did, that would make a considerable help, am sure, for =woven (braided) cable, must "adjust"
and will "stretch" as its weave tightens when the cable is pulled upon. It will, therefore, always, elongate,
to much greater degree, than would, say, a single, solid wire, such as piano wire.

The original Bowden cable, and also, so often used for "choke cables" and such, is a solid wire of piano wire.
However, in bikes, the usual need to loop tightly the cables here and there, makes the woven Bowden wire
much more likely to be used; in fact, it is universal, is it not, in bikes? Now that is that, but, a woven cable
stretches a relatively great amount in its first weeks or so under tension. Critical adjustments are thus lost
and damages, or annoyances, accrue.
Reid2 : I agree with everything you say about the cables stretching but that was not the only problem with my bike. the front deraillier was set much to high and the head set was not tight (had play). Who ever re adjusted the front deraillier also took no notice of the 5nm torque setting and over tightened it and cracked the carbon frame. The brakes were all over the place and the handlebars were not in the centre.. all of this was passed with a PDI check certificate (PDI inspector must of been blind or drunk or maybe both to have missed so many errors. The new bike (replacement) is fine and i think the boardman bikes are of good quality, but to have good quality parts is useless if it's being put together by monkeys. Conclusion : would i buy another boardman ...YES ... from Halfords ....Errrr NO WAY.
Buy from Halfords boxed and get a non monkey to set it up from another Local bike shop that employs humans lol.
Update 2 : The new second bike has now broke... I was riding up a steep hill today and heard a crunch(was not changing gears) and after the crunch it seems the BB30 bearing has malfunctioned. I over saw this bike being built up at Halfords and the bike mechanic did check and tighten something on the crank to 60 nm. Took bike back and was told that there is a problem with the BB30 and they have had to send other bikes back for same reason. Had enough now as only done 27miles on the new bike and was told i would have to wait 2 weeks for a replacement. So i left the bike there and got a full refund. On the way home i popped into another LBS and told them the situation while looking at other bikes to purchase and was told that BB30 and crank arms usually are torqued at 40-50nm. 60nm would of damaged the bearings or crank through over tightening.
Shame because after looking at the other bikes in the other shop none took my fancy and i still like the boardman bikes. Trying to get a good one thats setup properly seems to be impossible to achieve. Chris boardman if your reading this send me a email: [email protected] and i will give you all the details and proof of the bad service i have had and the bad name your bikes are getting from being setup wrong. Will stick to my old faithful bike for now i think.
I appreciate this is a thread resurrection and a half, but I feel vindicated I've been able to find another person who's had similar issues with a Boardman Race and Halfords.

I'll be referring Halfords to this thread and forum. I've had enough of this bike!
Had the same problem with BB30 and Boardman Road Team. Got lbs to replace BB and check over bike for £52. Sent receipt to Halfords who have agreed to pay £30 of the bill, Also had letter published in Cycling Weekly (today's date) about faulty BBs on Boardmans.
Yeh I bought a boardman team cx last week on cycle to work and knew about the bb30 problem. I asked the halfords guy and he assured me he had checked the bb and it was greased properly and all ok. Got the bike home to find gears not set up at all. Next day i took it back the sorted the gears while i waited. Went home and out for first ride. Hit 3 miles and bb30 failed. So clicky I had to push the bike home. Put it in last monday and still waiting. Last I heard they can't get bottom bracket out so may need to replace the bike. I'm really annoyed this issue goes back a year or so from what i gather online. Why don't the halfords staff know how to grease the bb30. The issue is caused apparently by a huge batch of bb30 that were not greased in the factory and affects many bikes not just boardmans. My mate has a specialized tricross with the issue.
Goes to show how easy it is for a ham-fisted mechanic to screw up a perfectly good new bike.

From my training I learned that the problem isn't cable stretch so much as housing compression, especially new housings settling into the ferrules and ferrules settling into the frame. But not correcting the position of the front derailleur is sloppy, and cracking a carbon frame with the clamp at the factory is shameful. These days lots of pre-built bikes come with the front derailleur only somewhere on the seat tube in vague proximity to the chainrings.

Regarding the BB30--I wish designers would quit obsessing about that last two centimeters of down-tube width and the extra grams of aluminum insert for threaded bottom brackets--stupid simple, versatile, generally reliable, and easy to trouble-shoot and replace.