Boardman Pro Mudguard Problem

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by sabre414, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Jul 20, 2011
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    Hope someone can assist with this. I recently bought a Boardman Pro Hybrid, and though I am very pleased with it, I wanted to fit mudguards because I started to get wet when using it (British summer!!)

    I bought a set of black SKS Chromoplastic mudguards and after a little 'tweaking' got the back mudguard attached and the wheel spinning freely etc. However, my problem is this...the front mudguard connects to the steering stem just above the forks ok using a bolt and nut etc. But there are no holes on the lower fork (where the front wheel attaches), to attach the wires connected to the rear of the mudguard. As the front forks are made of carbon, I am very reluctant to drill into them etc. Any advice or solutions to my problem are welcome. Thanks.