Bob Rasenberg



Im trying to find out a bit about dutch cyclist Bob Rasenberg. He used to stay with my family when he rode in the commonwealth cycle classic in Australia. If anyone has any idea what he is doing i would love to know, CHEERS.
nope never heard of him sorry.

pitty that there will not be any more cycle classics i saw it one tv once and it looked good. Where was it held again?.
It was held around canberra and sydney areas....goto and have a look at their race archives, I think they did the offical site for a few years.

A quick search on google turns up;



Seems its been a few years since he's road over here........sorry cant help you except for that ;D

found myself. Every now and then you type your own name and see what shows up. Who are your parents by the way, stayed with a lot of Aussie families over the years. Say hi to them at least! I'm now living in the Netherlands where I run a very small pub (called 't Barreke) in Terheijden (my hometown)
See a bit of the pub on
At the moment I'm getting ready to race some more amateur crits.



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