Bonked without apparent reason


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Aug 12, 2003

Bonked without apparent reason:

It happened to me, twice. Without apparent reason I bonked in an easy ride.

I usually ride for 50 kms in middle of the week (4 days) and 100K or longer for the Sunday rides. The past Sunday, I was short of time and I decided to have only a short ride, that means only 60 kms, Even that I was well prepared as for the normal Sunday rides, eating carbs, hydrating etc etc. But my surprise was that I bonked at the km 40.

My daily food intake is quite healthy and enough : Carbs, protein etc and I have a good training base : 200-250 kms/week for almost 3 years
I can not find any reason for that because all my previous rides were quite normal. Are there some suggestion??