Bontrager Race X-Lites or Campagnolo Ventos


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Oct 10, 2004
I've been looking at a new pair of rims and I need some advice on which ones would be better suited for me. I currently ride on a cheaper pair of Alex rims (DA22). They're alright, but very heavy....perfect for training, but not racing. I've been looking at several models that I like for racing (Sorry Mavic lovers, they're too pricey for me) and I've decided that it will either be the Bontrager Race X-Lites or Campagnolo Ventos. The Bontragers seem to be on the lighter side, and the Campys are on the heavier side, but the price is comparable ($495 USD for the Bontragers and $350 for the Campys). Are there any opinions out there as to which ones are better? I have heard of issues with some Campy wheels that have had problems with the hubset assemblies, but nothing else. I know nothing of the Bontragers.
I have a set of ventos, although I have only done 500km on them
they are great so far. I'm not light (90kg 198lb) and the road surfaces
are not fantastic where I ride, (Sydney, Bobbin Hd, Church Pt...)
the rims are still straight and I'm happy.

Also, is 350 USD not a little high for ventos? I would have expected
less than 300USD based on the oz paeso prices.

out of the two choices i would get the bontrager race x lite in a different league to ventos, but for the money wouldnt you consider the higher spec'd campag g3 wheels eg. zonda or eurus, no offence to anyone who rides the ventos but arent they the bottom range campag wheels?
If you're shopping in the $500 range, surely a pair of Campag Zondas should be on your shortlist? At the cheaper end, consider Mavic Cosmos too.
I finally got them... Campagnolo Ventos in all black with Veloce cassette and Vittoria Rubino Pros tyres. Although they are a bit on the heavier side and not as bling bling as some other alternatives ($220 for new rims and $59 for the cassette), they are a great ride for the Southern California area....The area I ride is chock full of poorly maintained roads and potholes. I found them highly responsive and a stable platform for my aluminum bike. Thanks for all of the feedback.

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