Bontrager X-Lite Carbon click noise

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Andrew Martin

I have finally gotten around to gluing up my tires. I tool the wheels out last night to a nice
smooth road to test them out before taking them racing. They felt great, but the front wheel has a
distinct (read loud) clicking noise with each revolution. It is only apparent when it's under my
weight since it's gone when I spin the wheel freely on the stand. I checked the glue and it is very
consistent so it's not like I have a gap or something. I am also running it in the right direction
since it is a "directional wheel".

Some ideas:

Valve stem wiggling in the slot? Wheel seam under stress? Spoke settling in (although it doesn't
sounds metallic)?

Any ideas would be appreciated. You can reach me at the address above.

thanks - a
Not open for further replies.