Book Recommendations


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Nov 20, 2001
I am going to be off my feet for few weeks and am looking for a recommendation for some reading material

I have been riding for two years and wish to start racing next spring. I hear Greg Lemond has a decent book. Any more ideas???
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If your lucky you might win yourself a copy of 'Breaking the Chain' by posting here  ;)

I can recommend Edmund R Burke's 'Serious Cycling'. The book covers most questions regarding training, stretching, race preparation etc.
Ditto on Serious Cycling. Very good stuff from the Doc! Other good reads are Joe Friel's Training Bible, and those free catalogs from Ecxel Sport and Colorado Cyclist, very good bathroom material!
"The Lore of Cycling" I think it's also by Dr. Burke but not sure. Read that years ago...
The Lance Armstrong Performance Plan book by LA and Chris Carmicheal gives a good look at the Carmichael training plans, plus some insights, race accounts and personal info on Lance. If you want to know that his max HR is 201 or that he does his 4-6 hour endurance rides at 60-60% max HR, then I think you'll like this book. If the sidebar title "What would Lance Do?" turns you off, then look elsewhere!
I have enjoyed reading Smart Cycling by Arnie Baker M.D. There's alot of good things in there and I have been refering back to it quite often.
No comparison. "Performance Cycling" by Dave Morris. Excellent training guide for racing.
My votes go for "Serious Cycling" and Joe Friel's "Training Bible". "Breaking the chain" is an interesting read too.
On the lighter side I recomend "Riding High" by Paul Howard. He shadows the 03 tour route on his bike and tells the story. Something we would all like to do i am sure so very good read.

Second the rec. for Performance Cycling by Dave Morris.

It has some ambiguities on how to totally tailor it to your personal event and fitness, but provides a wonderful framework to adapt to.
Take a look at some basic exercise physiology text books... they'll answer almost every question you ever have (but you'll have to relate the answers to cycling yourself!!).
If you have a HRM, Sally Edwards' book is very useful:
"The Heart Rate Monitor Book for Outdoor and Indoor Cyclists: A Heart Zone Training Program".

and I'd also recommend "The Complete Book of Long-Distance Cycling: Build the Strength, Skills, and Confidence to Ride As Far As You Want" by Ed Burke.
I must agree that "Serious Cycling and the "Training Bible" is great but if you're getting back into racing "Bike Racing 101" is pretty good also.