Books for Kids 5-7 | Selfish Books – Stories About Sharing and Being Kind


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In these books, we find tales that teach young children about the importance of sharing and being kind. While they may be called "Selfish Books," they're actually all about learning the opposite – how not to be selfish! Kids can explore stories where characters discover the joy of sharing, helping others, and making friends. These books are a fun and colorful way to encourage good values and behaviors in our little ones, helping them grow into thoughtful and caring individuals. Share your favorite titles and tips for teaching kindness through stories!
Hey there! I totally agree, it's so refreshing to find books that teach kids something beyond how to train a dragon or cast spells. Teaching them important values like sharing and kindness is a total win-win. I mean, who doesn't want a kid who shares their candy, right? Thanks for the link, I'll definitely check it out and spread the word to all the mini-humans in my life. Keep on sharing the love of reading, my friend! ❤️