Borat a cyclist! Please No!!!

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> The leg tan lines are somwhat a givaway.
> Yuck!

We were having a laugh about this at work today and wondering if the mankini
would take off for cycling. One of the guys in the locker room (a non
cyclist) had a laugh and said "The wundies that you guys wear are almost as
bad".....and this drew puzzled stares from the three cyclists (me included)
who were getting changed. The guy then went onto explain that he was
talking about bib knicks and had decided to call them Onedees.........we all
cracked up laughing and I think that I might have to do what I can to make
sure that this name will stick!!!!!

So remember.......they're not bib knicks, they're Onedees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rooman said:
fortunately the Live Tv cameras panned away discretely...
I remember when the camera's panned away from the Borat imatator to the guy up front. He was most affected because Borat was running beside him and he was trying to keep a straight face which was hard under the circumstances.