Boris wants to legalise RLJ for left turning cyclists.


Nigel Randell

dkahn400 wrote:
> On Mar 12, 5:16 pm, [email protected] (Shaun) wrote:
>> Turning right (left) ,if it is clear, on a red light is legal in the
>> US for all vehicles.

> In certain states.

And sometimes even then banned at specific junctions, although the signage
makes this clear



Dave Larrington

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> Martin Dann <[email protected]> wrote in
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>> details/B
>> oris%3A+I%27ll+let+cyclists+turn+left+at+red+lights/
>> Boris claims if he wins the mayoral election, he will make it legal
>> for left turning cyclist to jump red traffic lights.
>> Personally I think this idea is a bit silly, and won't get
>> implemented as it would have to go through Parliament.
>> He also says that he will try and improve the flow of traffic around
>> London.

> I'm not keen on this - from the perspective of the pedestrian. It
> might work in Leftpondia, but over there there is no hierarchy of
> road users - the car is god, and as a ped you have no rights (hence
> the jay-walking laws). If we have to have this then the rule must be
> similar to zebra crossings - give way to pedestians, along with give
> way to anything from your right. We* can't obey the rules already in
> existence (* = road users in general)

ISTR it was 1991 when I found myself guiding a couple of Dutch cyclists from
Leytonstone to the edge of London Town Devine, that they might then find
some quiet back roads to take them Harwichwards. They expressed great
surprise that left-on-red wasn't permitted, as right-on-red was SOP in their
homeland. Though whether this is enshrined in law or not...

Dave Larrington
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