Boston Kicks 5th Mayors' Ride off with a Bang! !

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  1. It's taken until almost mid week, but the reports are starting to
    trickle in from our send off from Boston. The event was highly regarded
    and well attended by the local cycling community. In fact Vance Edwards,
    the development director at Mass Bikes, whose report we are looking
    forward to, tells us that Boston NBG Day was like the who's who of local
    Here is Scott Cambpell's report:
    Our meeting with the mayor's representative, Steven Gag, went very well.
    Mr. Gag read and presented us with a proclamation from the mayor's
    office. We also received a second proclamation from Councillor Felix
    Arroyo. Both men were very pleased and very expressive to have us
    starting our cross country tour from their city.

    Bob Nesson was filming the whole time and interviewed many of the
    participants. There were many people in attendance including members of
    MassBike (Vance Edwards-Orr, Richard, and Jesse), Bikes not Bombs,
    Livable Streets Alliance, the Busycle Prokect (Matthew Mazzotta), our
    host John "dillweed" Dill as well as several of his friends and citizens
    of Boston.

    The press made their presence very inconspicuous. However, in attendance
    was a videographer from a Spanish TV station filming us with Mr. Arroyo.
    We weren't interviewed by this man, probably because neither us is
    fluent in Spanish. Mr. Nesson filmed our departure and will post an
    edited version to a couple of websites he is connected to and send you a
    copy as well.

    Vance from MassBike contacted his group for help in routing us to
    Providence and a member named Ray Jordan Jr. will lead us all the way to

    Boston was a wonderful host city and I look forward to seeing more
    progress reports from them in the future. That is all for now.

    Good to go!,

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    The above report is on line at:

    Here is Steve Miller's report:
    The sun cut through the brisk air as Scott Campbell and Jim Meullner
    circled Boston's City Hall Plaza to start the 2006 coast-to-coast
    National Mayor's Bike Ride. Both Mayor Menino and the City Council
    issued proclamations supporting the ride, presented by Mayoral adviser
    Steven Gag and Councilor Felix Arroyo respectively.

    Representatives from the city's Hub On Wheels Citywide Bike Ride and
    Festival (<>, MassBike
    (<>, and Livable Streets
    Alliance (<> also

    Long criticized as an extremely bike-unfriendly city, Boston is moving
    in a new direction. Most symbolic of this change is the Mayor's
    offering of city hall plaza as the staging area for the October 1st Hub
    On Wheels bike ride and the willingness of the new Commissioner of the
    state Department of Conservation and Recreation, Steve Burrington,
    (<> to shut down Storrow Drive
    for the cyclists.

    Jim Meullner, now 70 years old, was the first coast-to-coast rider
    representing the National Bicycle Greenway on the Mayor's ride. Scott
    Campbell ran a bicycle supply store and has been active in west coast
    bike groups. They were lead out of Boston to Providence by Ray Jordan,
    Jr., another post-70-year-old bicycle enthusiast.

    Steve Miller
    Director, Hub on Wheels

    On line at

    - Since they left Boston on Sunday, communication with our riders has
    been spotty. In large part due to the rain they are mired in out there.
    We do know that they met and exchanged with Providence Mayor David
    Cicilline on Monday and that it looks like Scott is on schedule to meet
    Bridgeport Mayor, John Fabrizi on Wednesday but we will likely have to
    wait until the weekend before either of them can bring us up to speed on
    their busy week of Mayor visits. Nor can we promise Jim will make
    Bridgeport on time tomorrow. We got a late afternoon Mayday report from
    him. Seems he and Scott got separated and Jim sought a hotel room to dry

    - We heard from Gil Gilmore, the man who rode the first leg in our very
    first Mayors' Ride,. His was a rain soaked relay from Washington DC to
    Pittsburgh PA. And talk about serendipity, he is hosting Scott and Jim
    under the auspices of the international <> Warm
    Showers program which he helped to found, tomorrow night after
    Bridgeport NBG Day.

    His memories of his ride and our organization are fond. Seems he fell
    off our radar when cancer struck. During his journey away, which also
    found him bringing bikes and computers to poor villages in Ecuador, he
    thinks he has overcome his illness.

    - If you haven't seen
    Steve Stevens' blog from his around the world journey on a bicycle, you
    are truly missing out. On the road for a month now, he is entering
    Slovakia. And indeed, what he is doing is made all the more amazing by
    all the pictures of old Europe that he gets up almost daily...

    - The Buscyle folks are coming back to life, Their <>
    web site is seeing lots of change, they're holding meetings and plotting
    out calendars and strategy. If you want to sign up to ride it when they
    come to the SF Bay Area as a part of our Mayors' Ride from 7/25-7/28, go
    to the Volunteers section at their web site!!

    - More details can be found at our 2006 schedule/scorecard

    So much excitement!!

    THX 4 all of U!!