Bottom bracket removal, what tool?


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Jan 28, 2020
Hey there, I could not find a thread similar to this one as it is rather specific, so I decided to post a new one. I'm stripping apart my vintage road bike and I am stuck at the bottom bracket. I've attached a picture to show what it looks like exactly, hoping that someone will tell me what tool I should use to take it out. The ones I've seen online do not seem to fit what I need. Also, I do not know brand the bike is. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I've though about using a hollow (faucet/socket?) wrench, but note that the highlighted parts are short and a six sided wrench woudn't fit inside. Also, the twelve-sided part could not be grabbed from the outside as it does not protrude. Any ideas?
That's an interesting one. I was in the bike biz back when cottered cranks were common, but I don't recall ever seeing this type.It looks like it's designed to be removed with a large 12-sided socket. Can you remove the other crankarm? If so, what does the BB on that side look like? If it's a standard fixed cup, perhaps you can remove it and make a tool to remove this side once you have access to the cup from both sides (thread a large bolt and nut through the axle hole and use it to twist the cup out.

BTW, what kind of bike is it? Knowing that could help.
Hey there, thanks for the reply! I really don't know the brand as it does not have any markings or stickers, and I'm curious to know too. As for the 12-sided socket, the thing is, it wont be able to go in as there's not much to hold on to, the part does not protrude at all, and there isn't enough space for the socket to go in. Regarding the other crank arm, it can't be removed before this side is opened. Anyways, I managed to actually unscrew the inner part using a dull flat screwdriver and a rubber hammer, tapping on its inside angles and slowly getting it out. The other crank arm came off after that as well.

Thanks for the tips, appreciate it!
If the BSA is threaded then this one is not. Its a press-fit type of bottom bracket.
That is something of a new one on me. Can you give us he name of the bike? Do you have an approximate year?
I actually found an old picture of it before I removed the stickers. It says Schneider, but it doesn't seem to be a Hans Schneider bike. Don't know the year, thought.