BQ Vacuum Watch 2004

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Asweepay, Feb 24, 2004.

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    >> Now, do you think if and when they prove you wrong, a dinky little post saying you were wrong is
    >> adequate ? Why not show some guts, the courage of your convictions and confirmation of your
    >> hockey knowledge by actually risking something ? For example, you'll unplug BQ's bathtub and
    >> vacuum her house for a week ? Full contact vacuuming of course.
    >> Jim
    > I would have no problem vacuuming BQ's house if the Sedins combine to score 45 goals or 100pts.
    > Asianflow

    Alright it's on. Daniel has 46 points and Henrik has 38 for a total of 84 pts. With 19 games left,
    that's less than a point a game combined.

    BQ , where are you ? Get back here and take your medicine.

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    oops wrong group sorry