BR77 - Ends with a BBQ :)



On 2005-12-12, blah (aka Bruce)
was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea:
> The head start was of standard length - dunno exactly, maybe 4 ish
> minutes? We had a delayed start to proceedings when Tim had some sort
> of mechanical just after leaving the general store.

Heh. A badly positioned wallet, and an open zip in the saddle bag.

> park itself there. Nobody could really overtake due to the car and
> Steve wasn't exactly charging along, so the start was quite delayed.
> Eventually I looked around, saw that the car had no real intentions of
> coming past,

and sensibly too, given the approaching S-bend. Don't see enough of
them these days.

> and pulled out to go around Steve, followed, I guess, by
> everyone. Then it was on.

My legs being shot, I managed to hang on to Ess until he passed GPL
having his mechanical. Couldn't quite bridge the gap. Amazing how
much slower I was without the assistance of the 4 in front of me. The
rest of my ITT, I could barely get my heartrate above 140. Stupid

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