Bradley wiggins & t.u.e.'s


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Jan 5, 2004
A group of hackers have robbed data belonging to the World Anti Doping Agency and publicly disclosed what the WADA records had concerning Therapeutic Usage Exemptions (TUE).
A TUE is an approved dispensation for the usage of a substance by an athlete, by WADA and or the governing body of a sport.
However the substance used could be on the WADA banned list of products.

Part of the disclosure shows that TDF winner Bradley Wiggins had obtained TUE's to use substances that were banned.

This morning Wiggins gave this interview to the BBC.



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Sep 12, 2005
Respiratory problems affect 70% of the pro peloton and have the worst effect right around the Tour de France.

Amazing! They can't breath and compete in the world's toughest aerobic and anaerobic events.

If they could only give Brad a drug to cure crappy descending in the wet...
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