Brand New Cyclist - Let me know what else I need to add to my indoor/outdoor setup please


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Aug 7, 2023
Hi All,

Brand new cyclist here, decided over the weekend that I wanted to have an indoor set up for the evenings and get 1 -2 morning rides in a week. From my 48 hours in the community I've found that there is an unbelievable amount of stuff available with add-ons additions and I can't work out what is essential and what is not, so I'd like to list what I have bought yesterday and today and ask for any advice on what else I need to add please.

Wahoo Kickr Core
11 Speed cassette for the Kickr
Apparel - helmet, padded shorts, gloves, water bottle and cages, lights, chaffing cream :)
Puncture kit and saddle bag

So I have 2 pieces of advice I need please, what to add to the indoor setup and what do I need for outdoor?

I'm reading up on heart rate monitor, cycle computers, RPM/cadence trackers

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
You also need a toolkit for your outdoor bike that will fit in the saddle bag. You need it for minor repairs like the chain snapping or in small accidents or any mechanical malfunctions.

Helmet mirror for rearview. NOT goggles mirror because it's dangerous and may cause eye injury in an accident.

Indoor setup, something to catch the sweat and prevent sweat from getting into the machine where it may cause rust or allowing the sweat to get to the floor.

I don't use any computer, sensors, telemetry etc, aside from Strava on my phone and I have a "dumb" stationary bike. I don't run Strava all the time either. I don't have these gadgets because I'm cheap.

I found I don't really need them and I'm not any worse in performance than those who do. Working by feel does not put you in any disadvantage as long as you're taking your training very progressively and avoiding over-training and having plenty of rest/recovery. Ironically some still end up overtraining despite having all the gadgets and gizmos on their bike.
Thank you, I got the tool kit and saddle bag last night so have that all covered off before I venture out on Thursday.

Thanks for your advice on the computer, I feel I'd like to know speed and distance when I'm out and cycling so maybe just a very basic one