Braun Storm Tour

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    I'm considering doing the Braun Storm tour this year (2005) and was wondering if anyone had any experience touring with Braun's Tours? This year's tour is along the shores of Lake Huron and up to Manitoulin Island - the 3rd week of June. I'd like to hear from anyone that has cycled this area that time of year especially. I think it starts around Owen Sound and goes north. I thought that the roads up there would not be cycle friendly. No one likes big highways with large trucks looming past! I also would like to know what they charge for meal packages on these tours. The price will change from year to year of course, but they don't give you any idea what the cost will be at this time of year.
    I may abandon the idea of a group tour of this size in favour of self supported touring. I live near Lindsay, Ontario if anyone is interested in a summer tour of several days - destination to and from is open. I am male, 48 yrs old, and in fairly good shape - planning to ride 80 to 100+ kilometers/day, although I am a relative newbie to loaded touring and may be optimistic! Camping will probably be included, as I will be "budget touring" this summer.