Breakfast before gran fondo


Jul 25, 2004
I'm riding the Garret County Gran Fondo, 44 mile edition (5800 feet of climbing).

I've got almost everything squared away, except for Breakfast that day.

I'm staying in a Motel, and every restaurant I can find on Google says that they don't open till 7:00. My ride starts at 8:00 and that's too close. That includes the hotel restaurant.

I doubt I have a kitchen and I'm not sure if I have a Microwave or not. It's not a skeezy motel; it's a "Motor Inn" that's attached to a fairly nice privately owned hotel (Cassellman Inn if anyone is familar with the Grantsville or McHenry areas).

Given that, what the hell do I eat for Breakfast? I doubt I want to hit McDonalds or Dunkin Donoughts (and I didn't see any on the map besides). I love both, but greasy food is considered dangerous before a long difficult ride (I'm budgeting for 4-5 hours; I'm a big flatlander and the climbs are going to HURT), especially when there is a Category 4 climb 2.5 miles from the start (.7 miles, 11.1%).

I could potentially do:
1. Instant Oatmeal if there is a Microwave
2. Oatmeal Bars if there isn't.
3. Cliff Bars.
4. Pop Tarts (not sure about that one)
5. Cereal (if I have a fridge for milk) like Honey Nut Cheerios.

Anybody else have any suggestions?


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Apr 17, 2005
I always eat two bagels with a little bit of butter, a bowl of good cereal (with milk but water will do) and a banana (if it's a long ride). And then I may eat more on the bike once I'm underway.

You can bring all that with you and not worry about a restaurant.

Good luck.

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