Breakfast before gran fondo

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    I'm riding the Garret County Gran Fondo, 44 mile edition (5800 feet of climbing).

    I've got almost everything squared away, except for Breakfast that day.

    I'm staying in a Motel, and every restaurant I can find on Google says that they don't open till 7:00. My ride starts at 8:00 and that's too close. That includes the hotel restaurant.

    I doubt I have a kitchen and I'm not sure if I have a Microwave or not. It's not a skeezy motel; it's a "Motor Inn" that's attached to a fairly nice privately owned hotel (Cassellman Inn if anyone is familar with the Grantsville or McHenry areas).

    Given that, what the hell do I eat for Breakfast? I doubt I want to hit McDonalds or Dunkin Donoughts (and I didn't see any on the map besides). I love both, but greasy food is considered dangerous before a long difficult ride (I'm budgeting for 4-5 hours; I'm a big flatlander and the climbs are going to HURT), especially when there is a Category 4 climb 2.5 miles from the start (.7 miles, 11.1%).

    I could potentially do:
    1. Instant Oatmeal if there is a Microwave
    2. Oatmeal Bars if there isn't.
    3. Cliff Bars.
    4. Pop Tarts (not sure about that one)
    5. Cereal (if I have a fridge for milk) like Honey Nut Cheerios.

    Anybody else have any suggestions?

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    I always eat two bagels with a little bit of butter, a bowl of good cereal (with milk but water will do) and a banana (if it's a long ride). And then I may eat more on the bike once I'm underway.

    You can bring all that with you and not worry about a restaurant.

    Good luck.